• Jingle Bells not Allowed? Bah, Humbug!

    Posted December 10 by Lynn Kleiner

    Jingle Bells, not allowed?  Bah, humbug?   I say NO! Let it snow!  Let’s all have the opportunity to enjoy this song about snow and a horse drawn sleigh!  Jingle Bells is a wonderful sleigh song written by James Lord Pierpont (1822–1893) and published under the t...

  • Musical For Kindergartners

    Posted November 17 by Lelania Perritt

    I am in need of a cute musical program to do in February with my kindergartners. Has anyone done anything using a book?  How do you do it?  Do you have a video?  I just can't imagine how to do it.

  • Fall songs, Thanksgiving songs

    Posted November 8 by Lynn Kleiner

    Two of my favorite pairings for fall are drums and shakers.  Powama (Brilliant Begginings CD and in the Simply Music Rhapsody  curriculum/Playlists) and Shoo Turkey (from Farm Songs and the Sounds of Moosic  CD as well as the Simply Music Rhapsody playlists)) are awesome for a large a...

  • Movement Song for Steady Beat

    Posted November 8 by Lelania Perritt

    What is a good classical music song for steady beat movement exploration for Preschool/Kindergarten?  


    Posted October 26 by Lelania Perritt

    Hi Lynn, I teach Kindergarten Music in a Public School, but I am not a certified Music Teacher.  I have an observation coming up in November.  I need help.  I am teaching high/low; pitch matching; instruments; and steady beat in November. Steady beat is just continue to practice, not ...

  • Preschool Music for "Love Our Planet"

    Posted October 18 by Lynn Kleiner

    Homemade instruments using recycle items are a delightful and musical way to celebrate “Love our Planet.”     I have many ideas for homemade instruments in In All Kinds of Weather, Kids Make Music, Songs of the Sea, Farm Songs, Jungle Beat and My Trip to the Mountains...

  • The Very Busy Spider in October classrooms

    Posted October 11 by Lynn Kleiner

    Hello All!   I wanted to share a quick idea with you about using the book "The Very Busy Spider" in your classroom this October! The featured free Music Box download of the moment is "The Very Busy Spider" which includes lesson ideas for ways to accompany the story with fun and spooky movemen...

  • Music Lesson Plans

    Posted October 8 by Lucia Morales

    HI Lynn, and hello everyone! This is Lucia from Monterrey Mexico, And I’m a music teacher at a private school. I am not a musician. But I can play the guitar along with kids on short songs. I have been teaching this subject for almost 20 years. And I have 8 different groups of 20 kids in...

  • Holiday Preschool/Kindergarten Music Program

    Posted October 5 by Lynn Kleiner

    I recieved a request to post ideas/references for a preschool holiday program  that might have a  storyline and have the songs support that. This depends on the setting.   If this is a secular setting where the focus is something fun and festive but not based on Christmas, ...

  • The Best Of Early Childhood Music

    Posted September 28 by Lynn Kleiner

    I have been asked to present the best of “Music Rhapsody” early childhood program at a Conference.    I’m so curious if your list would match mine. After more than 35 awesome fun years of making music with young children, it will be hard to do this in just a 75 minut...