• Sound Shapes, Boomwhackers and Orff

    Posted July 8 by Lynn Kleiner

    Sound Shapes, Boomwhackers, Orff instruments…Basic or Novelty? As an Orff teacher in preschools and elementary schools as well as a teacher trainer since the 1980s, I am amazed at what instruments teachers or schools have purchased. Sometimes instruments that I would consider the necessary c...

  • Lynn Kleiner's Puppets with a Purpose

    Posted June 3 by Lynn Kleiner

    Lynn Kleiner’s Puppets with a Purpose is a video series that features music activities using adorable puppets from www.musicrhapsody.com.  Ideas for music lesson plans include singing, pitch matching games, instrument playing and movement.  Some videos explain how to make your own pu...

  • Pre-K to Elementary Curriculum in Music Box

    Posted April 17 by Lynn Kleiner

    The following curriculum is from Music Box Weekly Lesson Plans which I use for my Pre-K - elementary students For Pre-K, TK new to instruments I use preschool weekly lessons and if you're introducing Orff, see the "Young at the Bars" article and "Intro to Orff" introductory lesson. Rhythm Readers &...

  • curriculum?

    Posted April 15 by Mayumi Grasso

    Hi Lynn,   I was wondering if there is a curriculum you follow for each grade? Meaning what concepts do you teach in each grade? I teach K - 5.    Thanks so much for your help!   Mayumi

  • Gathering Drum nuts and bolts

    Posted April 14 by Karin Nanos

    Has anyone replaced the nuts and bolts on the inside of the gathering drum handles with something else that lies flat? When we turn the drum over to use as a boat, the screw/bolt heads protrude and can poke the kids while they lie or sit in the drum. I don't want to make any modifications on my own ...

  • Music Concert Themes for Preschool, Kindergarten, early element

    Posted April 8 by Lynn Kleiner

    Preschool Music Concert, Kindergarten Music Program, Elementary Music Show can be tough planning for the music teacher   Try a theme! Themes make it fun for you, the classroom teachers and the kids while children learn a lot more than just music!   With related science, art, rhym...

  • Songs of the Sea Concerts

    Posted March 24 by Lynn Kleiner

    An Ocean Theme concert is adorable for preschool, kindergarten and primary grades. A teacher using the Songs of the Sea book asked if 10 Fish in the Sea is a good song for Orff for Preschool.  Since this song has a chord change, I would say no.  You could play on the numbers on Cs but that...

  • orff instruments

    Posted March 24 by Bonnie Tomm

    Hola Lynn, I am teaching in Colombia, and my colleague and I were discussing the need for replacing some of our Orff instruments.  The Orff instruments available here are locally made and do not have the sound quality that we would like to have. We are looking at purchasing from the US, but bec...

  • orff instruments

    Posted March 21 by Dora Lee

    Hi Lynn: Our preschool has recently received around $1000 donation to our music program. There may be a chance we can get a few hundreds more. I am thinking of getting some orff instruments because we have none currently. What instruments would you recommend?

  • Gathering Drum for Preschool and Kindergarten Ages

    Posted March 19 by Lynn Kleiner

    The gathering drum offers a very special, unique experience to the music classroom.  Sitting around the huge Lynn Kleiner Remo Gathering Drum* immediately promotes group participation.  This bonding experience creates a feeling of community as the vibrations surround the little musicians. ...